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Franklin D. Coleman - Minister

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While researching a wedding ceremony I was to perform, I was appalled to discover that churches (at least in this area) charge as much as $250.00 or even more to use the building for a wedding.  That coupled with the cost of the minister, the organist and a custodial service, can cause a young couple to be faced with as much as $700.00 or more in cost before they even begin to look at a wedding gown, tuxes, flowers, gifts, honeymoons or a reception.

Many young couples elect to be married in private reception/banquet rooms because the cost is less.  The problem there is that ministers often will not perform marriages that do not take place within their churches. Couples in this situation are forced to forgo a Christian ceremony in favor of a civil service.

To further complicate matters, a young couple wishing a Christian service may be turned away from a church in which at least one of them is not a member.  I guess times have changed when a young girl wanted a perfect wedding in a church. Back then; the only thing you needed was your parents' blessing, a license and a desire to begin your new life with a beautiful Christian ceremony.

I believe anyone, regardless of their ability to pay, their affiliation, or lack thereof, should be able to have their marriage solemnized in a traditional Christian ceremony.  I do not think, to have that, should be an expensive and complicated process.

This ministry deals expressly with this purpose. To give everyone, regardless of finances, place of ceremony or church affiliation, the opportunity to be married in a Christian marriage ceremony by a minister in the traditional way.  

I also look this as a part of the evangelistic outreach of our ministry.  The largest groups of unsaved people attend weddings and funerals.  I am available to minister to any guests or wedding party member who desires to seek a personal relationship with the Lord.  We do not have a church here in Chicago, so we are not looking for members and tithers.  It is a blessing for us and for those we serve at this joyous point in their lives.

I view what I do as an opportunity to include new relationships (salvation) and new traditions (communion) into their new beginning as husband and wife, if they so desire.  As a minister, I have to always be available as a minister of the Gospel at all times.

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